CNR Internships

This internship, remotely delivered, has been organized as a 2 weeks experience, and consists of 3 phases:

1. General introduction to raw materials

This 2 days block of lessons focused on the following topics: 

  • The impact of raw materials on the economy and our society, with a special focus on circular economy themes
  • The impact of research activities on the raw materials value chain

CNR internship scheme

2. Novel ideas turn into innovation: the contribute of the Applied Research

Pupils have been guided through all stages of the early development pathway, from the idea to the prototype, and appreciated how applied research iteratively proceeds in the circle of the experimental method: from hypothesis to conclusions, through tests and analysis of the results.

During this 4 days block of lessons, pupils have been guided, through experts lessons, of the following research and development activities:

  • Extraction from low-value wastes, and purification of added-value key intermediate materials dedicated to the manufacturing of innovative devices
  • Processing of the added-value key intermediates to obtain an innovative support material, having specific requirements, for integration in solution-processed PV devices. Demonstration and validation of the key steps for the fabrication of working devices.
  • Functional characterization of the final device, and performances comparison with silicon-based PV cell
  • Microscopic characterization of device components

Key concepts that this internship intend to deliver are the following:

  • Value recover from wastes as key circular economy objective
  • Innovation comes from novel ideas: creativity is the key
  • Novel idea become innovative devices through a systematic way of thinking

3. Innovation becomes reality: inside the companies

These 2 virtual company visits offer a rapid both comprehensive tour in the WEEE (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipments) recycle. Topics of this  industrial full immersion are the following:

  • Management of End-of-Life products: from the user to the recycle facility
  • Inside e recycling plant: from End-of-Life products to secondary raw materials

4. Team working

Guided by experienced tutors, students prepared a video summary of the delivered concepts. During this phase, students were encouraged in establishing relationships to profitable work together, even remotely.