The Project

Secondary schools pupils at the two last years of their schools curricula are facing with one of the most relevant choice in their life: decide their role within the society, identify how they can contribute to the wealth of the community to which they belong, matching their expectations with their talents and with the opportunities them offered by specific sectors of the world economy.
This choice ultimately correspond to the choice of their university studies.

This process is often dream driven, sometimes neglecting unpleasant feedbacks from the real world. On the contrary, due to a vague knowledge or to bad reputation of apparently tough disciplines, youngsters are frequently not at all aware how passionately and productively they may be involved in studies/professional activities dedicated to foggy sectors.
In this scenario, impulsive or uninformed choices may be taken, resulting in regrettable time wasting decisions, future unproductive and frustrating studies, or lack of valuable talents due to unconsidered opportunities.
This project is offering pupils a first but immersive direct contact with the raw materials sector, giving them a flavor of its real world in order to facilitate their informed and committed engagement into studies of raw materials related disciplines. In this way, RAISE is building a bridge joining schools and companies that youngsters should cross going though university studies and higher education courses.