This project is offering pupils a first but immersive direct contact with the raw materials sector, giving them a flavor of its real world in order to facilitate their informed and committed engagement into university studies of raw materials related disciplines. 

RAISE intend to achieve this goal involving into two/three weeks internships the most motivated students identified throughout the EIT RawMaterials activities dedicated to pupils. Internships will be performed within research laboratories and/or companies actively operating in this sector.

Only deeply committed students, properly nurtured since the early stages of their studies, may become game changing T-shaped professionals in this challenging sector.

At least 5 pupils per year (30 overall) per each Research Organization and University partaking to RAISE consortium will be recruited to perform internships.

Two-phases (the first phase within a research laboratory and the second phase within a company), two/three weeks internships have been designed and performed, allowing pupils to explore nearly all TRLs levels of R&D&I activities in the raw material sector.

RAISE will then offer to recruited pupils both direct access into integrated research laboratories/companies internships focused on EIT RawMaterials thematic pillars.

RAISE is organizing 2 internship cycles, the first delivered during 2020, the second during 2021. 

2020 RAISE internships scheme